Contrary to public belief, there are PRACTICAL LIMITS on how much grip & lighting equipment a truck can carry. For most indie productions, our Ford F550 Super Duty XLT 4-ton Super Cube, is considered a BIG truck. Although you can add some additional big lamps (2-4 maxibrutes, 2-4 5ks, or a single 12k HMI), it is almost maxed out on both weight and space. But what if you need more gear? Not a problem -- Did we forget to tell you that we own two 4-ton Super Cubes?

For big jobs, Light Hollywood can provide both 4-ton trucks -- with one loaded with our regular package, and the other loaded with supplemental gear and lights. For example, on a recent Korean 5-day TV commercial for LG (using a light hungry high-speed 3ality 3D rig with two Phantom Flex cameras), we provided our standard 4-Ton grip & electric truck as-is, and a second 4-Ton SuperCube that we built out with subrentals from a rental partner including: two 18k ArriMaxs, two 6k ArriSun Pars, three 4k ArriSun Pars, three 2.5k ArriSun Pars, two 1.2k ArriSun Pars, two Image 80s, and 600' of distro.

Note for Union shows: The 4-ton Super Cube is also the largest truck exempt from the 2011 Teamsters Local 399 AICP commercial agreement. PAs, best boys, or other non-teamsters are allowed to drive it; we have used this truck as the A-unit G&E truck on multiple Union commercials and as the B-Unit G&E truck on a $5 million webisode with no issues. However, rules do change, so I recommend double checking with your local 399 representative before booking us.