Light Hollywood has a variety of pre-loaded grip trucks for different size projects.  Keep in mind that these equipment lists are normal load-outs, but are subject to change at any time.  To be safe you must call ahead and discuss your actual equipment needs with us, otherwise the truck you order may be loaded with an equipment list for for another project that doesn't match your own needs.  Be safe and call us at (408) 406-1832 to confirm exactly what you need.





Except under special circumstances, all our grip trucks require a signed Light Hollywood contract, an insurance certificate (loss payee, additional insured, and non-owned and hired auto), 100% payment for the rental, and a member of Light Hollywood as a driver / crew member (price negotiable). If any of these terms doesn't work for your production or you have special concerns, please feel free to give us a call.

Keep in mind about our Light Hollywood crew member requirement: with myself or a Light Hollywood member as a driver for every truck, I am proud to say in over 10 years and over 1000 jobs I have never billed anyone or their insurance for a loss claim over $150, and only one damage claim over $500. This system has worked very well over the years to minimize or eliminate loss & damage, and is designed to protect both Light Hollywood and you. If you ever question the value of this requirement, ask Cinelease, Wooden Nickel, or any other rental house what's the largest claim they've ever filed. The numbers are staggering.