Insurance Info

Light Hollywood LLC requires an Certificate of Liability Insurance ("Accord") for all rentals, whether it's your employees, your contractors, or even our employees, or our recommended contractors.  We require a certificate in our name from your insurance company stating:

Tim Otholt DBA Light Hollywood
719 N Jackson Street, Unit 4
Glendale, CA 91206
Phone: (408) 406-1832
Requirements: Loss Payee, Additional Insured, Non-Owned and Hired Auto.  For our 3-ton and 4-ton trucks you must have auto physical damage.
Truck Value: $40,000 (van) / $60,000 (corporate video truck or 3-ton) / $90,000 (4-ton)

Under special circumstances (and at an additional fee) we may waive the auto portion depending upon the circumstances of the project.

Also note that our name as the Certificate Holder "Tim Otholt DBA Light Hollywood" is still correct for 2014.


Payment Info

All checks and money orders are to be made to Light Hollywood, LLC, as Light Hollywood LLC leases truck and equipment from Tim Otholt DBA Light Hollywood.




The email address for any payments through PayPal are to be sent to  Please add 2.9% to the agreed amount to cover PayPal's overhead.



Light Hollywood Tax Forms

Light Hollywood LLC 2017 W9 (right click and choose "Save As . . .)

Light Hollywood LLC 2016 590 (right click and choose "Save As . . .)