Camera Packages


Business Model Change: For smaller projects, Light Hollywood owns all the usual suspects, including: Panasonic P2 and Canon 7D cameras, a wicked 9 piece Nikon manual prime lens set (used on nearly a hundred commercials), sliders, multiple dollies, and car mounts.  Our camera packages are only available on projects where Tim Otholt is the DP or camera operator -- he shoots non-stop and it no longer makes financial sense to rent out DSLR camera packages in this $100 craigslist world.  Our sincere apologies. 

For bigger projects, we still recommend using any of the Owner-Operators listed below for your camera package; we can make the necessary arrangements and make sure everything is done right.




a note from Tim Otholt

I love working with camera owner-operators -- guys who come out with their camera packages and do great work.  No need to prep a camera at a rental house, no time wasted figuring out what works and what doesn't, and someone who clearly understands their camera package better than anyone else.  I need to stress that these people are personal friends, and not just vendors -- these people I have worked with and will continue working with in the future.


David Bacon
Director of Photography / Gaffer

The Film Chalet Production and Post
Phone: (818) 262-7200

David Bacon is a hardworking DP/Gaffer with a Red Scarlet Package.  I have personally worked with David on over 200 projects and can attest to his steadfast work ethic and dedication to the job. When I am unavailable for a project and I need to refer a replacement, David is my first call -- like myself he owns a lighting package, knows how to use it, and is ready for anything.


Mark Cameron
DP & Underwater Camera Op

Cinema Camera Rentals
Phone: (310) 574-1524

Mark Cameron of Cinema Camera Rentals owns multiple Red Epic, Red Scarlet, Red MX and Sony F3 packages. Lens packages include 7 piece Zeiss CP.2s and Zeiss Mark III SuperSpeeds. I have personally worked with Mark on a variety of high stakes, high profile projects -- and really love his warmth, work ethic, and technical expertise. Mark really is an awesome guy to have on set.  Second to myself, he's also one of the busiest guys I know.

Drew Lauer
High Speed Phantom DP

Hollywood Special Ops
Phone: (323) 331-4195

When it comes to camera equipment, Drew Lauer lives on the bleeding edge of technology.  He is the managing owner of Hollywood Special Ops, a camera company that specializes in high-speed photography, motion controlled time lapse, and remote helicopter work. They can provide high-speed solutions anywhere from 500 fps to 3000 fps. For really high speed work, they can provide packages up to 100,000 fps. Drew is an high speed expert and a really cool guy to hang with.

Erin Olesen
1st Camera Assistant

Red Eye Rental
Phone: (323) 706-5874

Need a Red body in a pinch?  Erin Olesen of Red Eye Rentals will deliver a Red Epic or Red One Mx to most of LA and Orange counties.  She's a 1st AC by trade -- so she knows what she's talking about if you need on or off set assistance.

Jameson Jordan
Director, Camera Op, and 1st Camera Assistant

Dependent Media
Phone: (323) 533-2639

Jameson Jordan is one smart and witty guy; he's also a really good camera assistant and focus puller.  I've worked with him on a feature film for two weeks in the Mojave desert in the dead of winter, and he's always a blast to have around.  Understated, solid, and good humored -- just the kind of guy you want to have on set.

Tom Funk
Stereographer, Camera Op

4k Films
Phone: (818) 284-3589

Tom Funk is the only camera own-operator here with two Epic Cameras and a 3d rig -- and an indie friendly 3d rig to boot.  Since I have not had the opportunity to work with his 3d rig, it's best to call him directly and chat.  He's also the founder of the 2013 4k film festival -- so after you're done shooting your movie at 4k, (hopefully) you'll have a place to show it too.