Light Hollywood, a Different Kind of Company

Before you ask, the answer is yes, we have Grip Trucks. It's the foundation from which this company is built upon.

But unlike many equipment rental houses, Light Hollywood is owned and operated by Tim Otholt, a working Director of Photography with over 10 years of experience. Light Hollywood is built upon Tim's philosophy that shooting a movie or commercial is hard enough, and having an experienced partner such as Light Hollywood to help you where you need help is just good business for everyone.

Whether it's just a second set of eyes or you're in over your head, Light Hollywood is here to help. Call us at (408) 406-1832.

Whether it's just a second set of eyes or you're in over your head, Light Hollywood is here to help. Call us at (408) 406-1832.

As a business, Light Hollywood can provide a complete top-to-bottom cinematography solution, including the DP, gaffer, key grip, camera operators, camera packages, and grip & lighting. Or if you have a DP already in place, we can provide the missing pieces to round out what you need and make your job of shooting your project that much easier. And for the things that we don't do in-house, we will do our best to provide referrals to other crew and equipment houses that we love working with.

Just call and see if there is anything Light Hollywood can do for you. (408) 406-1832.


Tim Otholt, Director of Photography
Light Hollywood, LLC
(408) 406-1832

Tim Otholt, Director of Photography and Principal

Tim is an Award Winning Director of Photography, with over 10 years of experience in the field. He has shot 11 features, 50 short films, 100+ commercials, and over 700 interviews.  He is in high demand, averaging 200-250 days on set every year.

On set, Tim is the creative guy that makes things happen; strong Cinematography skills, excellent Lighting, and a great problem solver.  He's always looking for ways to improve how things are done in the movie business, from custom designed equipment, to new ways to steamline grip trucks.  The Super-Set Cart was his concept and design, and is a practical demonstration of his combination of outside-the-box creativity and technical ability.

Triva: Originally from Honolulu, Tim is an ex-Silicon Valley software Engineer.  He has worked for a variety of silicon valley chip companies, including Advanced Micro Devices and Phoenix Technologies.  He is a big fan of EDM, especially Armin Van Buuren, and is often found listening to trance music.

David A. Hoffman, Key Grip
Director of Operations
Light Hollywood, LLC
(818) 822-5775


Dave Hoffman, Director of Operations & Key Grip

After graduating from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film Studies, David A. Hoffman moved to Los Angeles in the Fall of 1999 to pursue a career in film and television.

He has worked for several major networks and cable stations, as well as hundreds of independent productions, working in almost every department on set including Line Producer on multiple feature films, Director, Assistant Director, UPM and Production Coordinator.  He has also spent several years as a feature film editor with a handful of indie genre films available on DVD.  IMDB.

Most recently he has found a new niche working as a Key Grip on features, shorts, music videos and commercials.

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