The 1-Ton Truck (actually a 14' cargo van) is perfect for interviews, man on the street, EPKs, and other run-and-gun projects. It has been used (with add-ons on) almost a dozen features, dozens of commercials, and countless other projects.

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No pictures of the van -- all we can say is that it's ugly but it works.  The plan is to replace it early Q1 2013.

The Standard 1-Ton Grip & Electric Gear List

First of all, TIM LOVES LIGHTS. He is so passionate about lighting that he has managed to buy more lights than what fits in all 3 grip trucks, a 20' cargo container, his office, and all our storage trucks (over 150 total at last count). Although it's impossible to own every type of light for every type of job, he is always adding extra equipment to our inventory, so it never hurts to ask if we have it. What we don't have we can subrent from one of the rental houses around town, schedule permitting.

Second, keep in mind that this list is our normal load-out -- however, it is subject to change at any time (gear already on rental with another customer, in repair, or otherwise indisposed). To be safe, you must call ahead and discuss your actual equipment needs with us, otherwise the truck may be loaded with everything except the one piece of gear you need most. Be safe and call us at (408) 406-1832 to confirm exactly what you need.

Beta Feature: Tooltips!  Hold your mouse pointer over an item in the list for 2 seconds and a popup window with a detailed description, specs and links will appear!  (Work in progress, Javascript required).

Beta Feature: Tooltips! Hold your mouse pointer over an item in the list for 2 seconds and a popup window with a detailed description, specs and links will appear! (Work in progress, Javascript required).

Ford F-250 Combo G&E Extended Cargo Van
Overall Length: TBD Box Length: TBD GVWR: TBD lbs
Overall Width: TBD Box Width: TBD Unladen: TBD lbs
Overall Height: TBD Box Height: TBD Payload: TBD lbs
Lighting & Electric
This is our normal working set for the 1-ton combo truck. However, we also own an extra 90+ lights not on this list, such as 12k HMIs, 4k HMIs, 9-light MaxiBrutes, 10k and 5k tungsten fresnels, source fours, and dozens and dozens of additional smaller tungsten lamps (i.e. 11 more 1k fresnels, 13 more 650w fresnels, etc). Click here for the extra lights list.

HMI Lighting

(2) 1200 HMI Pars (OPTIONAL)
(2) Joker 400s (OPTIONAL)

Kino Flos

(2) 4' x 4 bank
(1) 2' x 4 bank


(2) 2k Baby Juniors
(2) 1k Fresnels
(2) 650 Fresnels
(2) 300 Fresnels
(2) 200 Fresnels
(4) 1k Nooks


(5) 50' stingers
(5) 25' stingers


None (it's a van package!)


(1) Matthews Doorway Dolly
(1) Modern Grip Dolly Sled + Case
(2) 8' Steel Track
(1) 4' Steel Track
(1) Crate Wedges
(1) 4' Level


(2) Medium Rollers
(2) 3-Riser Combo Stands
(2) Low-boy Combo Stands
(4) Beefy Baby Stands
(10) C-Stands
(2) Gary Coleman Stands

8 x 8

(1) 8x8 Breakdown Frame
(1) 8x8 Solid
(1) 8x8 Ultrabounce
(1) 8x8 Poly Silk (1.6 stops)

6 x 6

(1) 6x6 Breakdown Frame
(1) 6x6 Solid
(1) 6x6 Ultrabounce
(1) 6x6 Poly Silk (1.6 stops)

4 x 4

(2) 4x4 Shiny Boards
(4) 4x4 Floppies
(1) 4x4 Bounce cards
(1) 4x4 216
(2) 4x4 250
(1) 4x4 Opal

2 x 3

(2) 2 x 3 Solid
(2) 2 x 3 Single
(2) 2 x 3 Double
(2) 2 x 3 Silk
(1) 2 x 3 250

18" x 24"

(2) 18 x 24 Solid
(2) 18 x 24 Single
(2) 18 x 24 Double
(2) 18 x 24 Silk


(2) Cartellini clamps
(2) Mafer Clamps
(2) Duckbill Platapus Clamps
(4) Full Apple Boxes
(4) Half Apple Boxes
(4) Quarter Apple Boxes
(4) Pancake Apple Boxes
(4) Safety chains
(20) 20 lb Sandbags
(2) Lollypops
(2) 8" C-Clamps
(1) 6" C-Clamp
(2) #1 Grip Clips
(10) #2 Grip Clips
(1) Ratchet strap


Canon 7D

(1) Canon 7D Body
(2) 32GB Sandisk CF cards
(2) Batteries + Charger
(1) Sachtler Video 14 tripod
(1) 75mm hi-hat
(8) Canon to Nikon Lens Adapters

35mm Prime Lenses

Nikon MF 20mm-f/2.8
Nikon MF 24mm-f/2.0
Nikon MF 28mm-f/2.0
Nikon MF 35mm-f/1.4
Nikon MF 50mm-f/1.4
Nikon MF 85mm-f/1.4
Nikon MF 105mm-f/1.8
Nikon MF 200mm-f/4.0

Panasonic HVX-200

(1) Panasonic HVX-200 body
(1) 16GB P2 Card
(1) 32GB P2 Card
(2) Two Chargers
(1) Bogen 3066 Tripod

Teleprompter (OPTIONAL)
15" 60/40 LCD Teleprompter (with operator). Laptop and tripod supplied.

Rental Terms

Except under special circumstances, all our grip trucks require a signed Light Hollywood contract, an insurance certificate (loss payee, additional insured, and non-owned and hired auto), 100% payment for the rental, and a member of Light Hollywood as a driver / crew member (price negotiable). If any of these terms doesn't work for your production or you have special concerns, please feel free to give us a call.

Keep in mind about our Light Hollywood crew member requirement: with myself or a Light Hollywood member as a driver for every truck, I am proud to say in over 10 years and over 1000 jobs I have never billed anyone or their insurance for a loss claim over $150, and only one damage claim over $500. This system has worked very well over the years to minimize or eliminate loss & damage, and is designed to protect both Light Hollywood and you. If you ever question the value of this requirement, ask Cinelease, Wooden Nickel, or any other rental house what's the largest claim they've ever filed. The numbers are staggering.

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